Haloween Chia Balls

Bring Halloween vibes for your loved one with “Haloween Chia Balls”, like we did in @neooliva

Let’s get spooky


145 gr prunes
145 gr raisins
85 gr cashew nuts
4 tbsp boiled water
1 tbsp cocoa powder
oreo cookies
white and black fondant


Dessicated coconut
Matcha (green tea powder)
Cocoa powder
Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds


  1. Mix prunes, raisins, cashew nuts and cocoa powder into food processor while pouring the water into it.
  2. Shape the dough into 15-20 balls.
  3. Make 4 different sprinkles in 4 plates.
  4. Roll over the ball dough into each sprinkles.
  5. Make eyes and nose from fondants.
  6. Cut the half of oreo cookies, separate it from the filling, and put it into the ball.
  7. The bat ball is here!
  8. Serve it to put a smile on your kid’s face.


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