Tri Color Chia Pudding

Today we’re gonna make some Tri-Color Chia Pudding. Beside it’s healthy side, it’s also refreshing and delicious

The main idea here, is to combine chia pudding with silky pudding on top of it

In this recipe, we choose to make 3 flavor which is, Mango, Matcha and Vanilla


6 tablespoon of Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seed

3 glass of almond milk

2 packs of silky pudding powder

1 teaspoon Matcha Powder

Home made mango juice

Vanila syrup

Mixed Granola


Honey (Optional)



  • Mixed Chia with almond milk, stir it around 5-10 minutes, keep it in your fridge, let it stayed overnight (add honey if necessary)
  • Pour silky pudding powder into water, and heated
  • Divide it into 3 different container, then mixed it with each of ingredients in each container (mango juice, matcha powder and vanila syrup), keep it in your fridge and let it syaed overnight
  • Stack silky pudding on top of your chia pudding
  • Add granola and raspberry for the topping

Enjoy your delicious yet healthy tri-color chia pudding


Be a good food eater with Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seed
Stay tuned for more delicious yet healthy food recipe with Neo Oliva


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