Premium Organic Chia Seed

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Finest Ingredients

Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seed consists of 100% Premium Organic Mexican Chia


Each Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seed that you recieve, has been through every steps of hygienic standardization process according to BPOM RI


Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seed committed to provide high quality Chia available and affordable for Indonesian to be consumed in daily basis


Chia Recipes

Purple Smoothie Bowl

Tri-Color Chia Pudding

Antioxidants Booster

Everyone Deserves To Be Healthy.

Neo Oliva is a brand who commits to providing high-quality healthy food at affordable price. Our goal is to make high-quality healthy food available and affordable for Indonesians to be consumed in daily basis.

Along with the society, Neo Oliva is eager to create a healthy society and create a better future. Don’t just be a food eater, be a healthy and good food eater with Neo Oliva!

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